Who is it for D League for?  This league is for any girl that is old enough to swing a bat, we decided 2015-2012 birth years.  It is really where we want the girls to fall in love with softball and have a ton of fun. We encourage both sides to cheer for every player to make sure the girls know that fun is the most important thing.


What type of ball?  We use an 11in softy here just as with C league.


What are the special rules?  There are many here. The biggest one is no one is allowed to keep score.  We do encourage coaches to allow outs to occur and remove the runners when they happen (about 3-6 times per game)  It is more to reward the defense for making a play than it is to punish the batter. If you know your kid cannot handle getting out to begin with, make sure your coach knows and he/she can leave them on base.  That is not an issue. All runners must stop running when the ball is in the infield. All batters bat every inning, so outs don’t matter either. D league only plays 3 innings and generally goes very fast. Each batter gets 5 pitches from the coach, then gets 3 swings to hit the ball in play off the Tee before they are called out.  This league really is a great league to teach girls the skills of softball without any pressure. We hope to have younger girls this year in an effort to increase the overall softball skill in the Grand Traverse Region into the future. It all starts here.

D League Player Agent: This is the person to contact if you experience or witness conflict among coaches, parents, and/or parents.

Stephanie Wagner: (231) 360-0412