Who is the C League for?  The birth years are 2011 and 2012, but we will allow 2012 girls to move up if needed and in some rare cases 2010 girls to stay down.  This league is really for an introduction to girl pitch softball and competition.

What type of ball is used?  We use an 11in softie softball.  This is a bouncy, softer ball that we use with all our younger girls.  

What are the special rules?  There are a significant amount of rule adaptations that have been made to support the introduction, learning, and fun we want to accomplish in this league.  

  • Players start with a 1-1 count
  • There are no walks.  Instead,  after ball 4 the coach comes in and pitches 3 pitches to their player. If the batter does not put any of those pitches in play, they are out.
  • Once the ball is in possession in the infield, players can only advance to the next base if they are between bases.  
  • All girls must play 2 innings in the infield.
  • There is a 5 run maximum per inning. 
  • Lastly, this is really an introductory league, so we even have high school girls as umps to show that it should be a laid-back league about learning more than winning and losing, though we do keep score and crown champions here just as in the older leagues.

** If your daughter plays travel, this may not be the league for her.  It is a slower-paced game to help teach the girls how to play. 

 C League Player Agent: This is the person to contact if you experience or witness conflict among coaches, parents, players, and/or umpires.

Stephanie Wagner: (231) 360-0412