Who should play B league?  Any girl with birth years of 2011 and 2012 and older girls that are small and don’t have the skills for A league.  

What size of ball does B league use?  B league will be using a 11in hardball.  We feel that any 10u travel girls would do very well in this league as would many of the first-year 12u girls.

Where are the games?  The games are all played at Oak Park Elementary on Garfield next to the Civic Center.

What does the skill level look like?  B league is going to have most girls pitching with a lob, but there should be a few 10u pitchers able to throw 40mph and more strikes.  This is still a relative beginners league, so the skill level goes from pretty good to first-year players and all should find success.

Are there special Rules?  There are special rules. 

  • There is no stealing home or extra bases on steals when there is a past ball or overthrows. 
  • Only allow stealing first on a dropped or bounced third strike in the first 3 innings.
  • There is a maximum of 7 runs per inning, no stealing when the lead is above 7
  • All girls must play infield 2 innings in a full game.

 **If your daughter is a starting pitcher on 12u at 11yrs old, she may get a lot more benefit facing the A batters, use a 12in ball, and even deal with pitching from 43ft.

B League Player Agent: This is the person to contact if you experience or witness conflict among coaches, parents, players and/or umpires.

Brian Dykstra:  (231) 649-7017