Who is A league for?   For girls of moderate to advanced skill level with birth years of 2010-2007.  If your daughter is still beginner level she will be fine here if she is of appropriate size, but beginners who are still physically small will find more success and fun at B League.

What is it like?  A league is just like normal softball with just a couple of small rule differences. 

  • First, free substitutions are allowed with every girl in the batting lineup. 
  • Also, girls are not allowed to sit out of playing the field for more than one inning in a row. 
  • Lastly, there is a maximum of 7 runs per inning until the 6th inning, where it is unlimited runs.

Where is it played?  We have two fields.  Field 4 at Traverse Heights and the field behind the new dorm at NMC.

How hard do the girls throw?  Last year there was one pitcher that threw 50, 5 that threw in the upper 40s, the rest were slower than that.  

 A League Player Agent:  This is the person to contact if you experience or witness conflict among coaches, parents, players and/or umpires.

Brandi Reynolds 231.492.0477